Why Choose Swan?

We are Swan Energy, a market leading provider of carbon reporting services.

Long-standing client relationships

We are experts in this field and maintain long-standing relationships with our clients because they have confidence in everything we do, and we save them time, money, and stress. Swan Energy now works with clients across mainland UK and in Ireland as their trusted partner and advisor.

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Experts in our field

Swan Energy is expert in greenhouse gas legislation and carbon reporting and delivers 100% compliance for clients and installations across the UK and Ireland.

We have been involved in Energy Trading Schemes in the UK since their conception and now work with over 70 installations. Our team is skilled, experienced and well qualified to support your business and our clients trust they are in safe hands.

Sector Experience

Swan Energy has over 50 years of experience of working with private and public sector clients. We work in all industry sectors, including NHS and hospitals, food and drink manufacturing, brewing, energy, chemicals, and industrial manufacturing.

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Swan Team Customer Service

World Class Service

We recently asked our customers about their willingness to recommend us, so we could calculate our Net Promoter Score (NPS); a metric used globally. The average NPS is 15 and world class businesses like Amazon and Google get 50+. Swan Energy’s was 83.

Lead Verifiers for ETS
in our team

We have Lead Verifiers for a UKAS accredited verification body for the UK ETS working as part of the Swan team. This means we understand the requirements to meet the verification standard better than many.

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Convenience and
peace of mind

We will always keep you informed about what is going on, but you can take a back seat and let us relieve the hassle. This will free up your time while giving you the peace of mind that the job is being handled by experienced professionals with a wealth of industry knowledge.

Power of the pack

We produce a unique evidence pack individually for each client. This enables a quick and easy process for verifiers to approve. The pack makes understanding complex research and actions easier for the client and so reduces the amount of time that you need to devote to this process.
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Value for money

Swan Energy’s fees are based on the estimated work needed to ensure your organisation achieves complete compliance and there are never any hidden costs. You will always know our fees are fair, reasonable, and transparent.

Initial, no obligation

Have one of our experienced members of staff visit you for an initial face to face meeting and assessment, without commitment, to determine if we are able to assist your organisation with their mandatory energy reporting; helping save you money and stress!

Energy Briefing

Energy Briefing is a free quarterly publication produced specifically to keep readers informed about developments in the energy sector. It is read by senior management in many leading organisations in the UK and offers a concise, high-level review of developments affecting utilities over the preceding quarter.
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