UK ETS Registry Accounts

Registry Administrators began contacting Operators who hold a UK ETS Permit on 4th May 2021 with regards to opening a UK ETS Operator Holding Account.

Swan Energy has been informed that Company details will be transferred over from the EU Registry, however, personal details of the primary contact and nominated authorised representatives will be required to be submitted.

UK Allowances (UKA)

The first UK ETS auction is on the 19th May 2021 and will be held on the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). Auctions will then take place on alternate Wednesdays at 12-14pm.

There is an auction reserve price (APR) of £22 per tCO2e in place for the transition period into UK ETS. However, we would be very surprised if the price of carbon dropped this low. The withdrawal of the ARP will be discussed as part of a consultation, later this year, to align the UK ETS cap with the UK’s Net Zero trajectory.

Click here for more information about the UK Emissions Trading Registry that has been developed for the UK ETS.

If you would like to talk to the Swan Energy team, please call us on 01484 843867.