Developing the UK ETS Guidance: Carbon Market Experts

The Swan Energy team has produced a guidance document to summarise the updates shared in: Developing the UK Emissions Trading Scheme (UK ETS) – Main Response


We are sharing key points for different audiences and this update is for Carbon Market Experts.

1 – Unallocated Free Allowances and Flexible Share

The Authority has decided to bring 53.5 million unallocated allowances to auction over 2024-2027. This will ensure there is no sudden drop in allowances between 2023 and 2024 allowing the market time to adapt. It will also sufficiently mitigate a CSCF between 2024-2026 and create a reserve of allowances for future mitigation of CSCF.

The Authority has also decided to retain 29.5 million allowances in reserve as the flexible share, subject to a review later in 2023. These allowances can be utilised for market stability intervention and future (post 2026) CSCF mitigation.

2 – Future UK ETS Market Policy

No changes will be implemented at present. A further consultation will be released in due course.

3 – Greenhouse Gas Removals

The Authority believes that the UK ETS is an appropriate long-term market for GGRs. Included GGRs must meet the robust standards that will be set by the Authority. These will include engineered and nature-based GGRs.

Decarbonisation must remain the primary goal however GGRs must be employed in order for the UK to reach net-zero.

4 – Flexible Share

UK ETS legislation will be amended to allow the Authority to create the total number of allowances from the flexible share in a scheme year, in addition to the annual cap.

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Rebecca Scarratt

Carbon Consultant

Rebecca Scarratt

Carbon Consultant

Rebecca joined the Swan Energy team in 2021, after graduating from the University of Hull with a MSc in Renewable Energy.

In her role at Swan Energy, Rebecca supports the consultancy work the team does with clients across the UK. She has gained experience in the various compliance services we offer. Within the core team, Rebecca is account manager for over 40 UK ETS installations across the healthcare, food manufacturing and energy industry sectors.

Rebecca has managed SECR reporting and ESOS energy auditing for a selection of food manufacturing and retail clients. She has also produced a TCFD report for a large gas and oil company and managed CHPQA applications for NHS clients.