Taskforce for
Climate Related
Disclosures (TCFD)

What is TCFD?

The Taskforce for Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) is an international scheme that was established in 2015.

Its purpose is to develop recommendations for more effective climate disclosures which can help promote more informed investment, credit, and insurance underwriting decisions.

It is envisaged the climate credentials of those organisations adhering to TCFD’s recommended disclosures will be more robust.

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What is the future for
TCFD in the UK?

The UK Government has endorsed the TCFD’s recommendations, citing them as a playing a major role in the 2019 Green Finance Strategy. The HM Treasury has produced a roadmap outlining the intended path towards mandatory climate-related disclosures in the UK, with the scope widening year on year.

The UK Government have also acknowledged the interactions between Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) framework and the disclosures recommended by the TCFD. It can therefore be expected that the two will become more aligned and intertwined into the future.

How can we help?

Swan Energy is a trusted partner to our clients, ready to offer our support and guidance. 

We have invested time into building expertise in TCFD and can help you understand how TCFD recommendations may impact your business. 

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Driving businesses to be more carbon conscious

We support businesses in their drive to be more carbon conscious, helping them to comply with mandatory energy legislation and voluntary reporting. 

Our consultancy and support

The Swan Energy team has invested time into building expertise in TCFD and gaining an understanding of how this may impact our clients and UK based organisations.

It is likely that our TCFD consultancy and support service will link with SECR compliance and reporting.

Please get in touch with us to explore and understand how TCFD could impact your business. 

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Swan Energy Know How
Do you have more questions about TCFD? The Swan Energy team has lots of KNOW HOW and we are experts in this field. Tap into our bank of knowledge…