Swan Energy now supporting 80 EU ETS installations

Swan Energy has just signed-up another new EU ETS consultancy client during the Lockdown period, taking the total number of EU ETS installations that we support across the UK and Ireland to 80.

Over the last couple of years, we have witnessed significant growth, with more and more clients signing up to our services and support. In 2018 we had 48 EU ETS installations; that is a remarkable 20% increase in coverage within two years.  We now support 9.4% of the onshore EU ETS installations in the UK, including Northern Ireland. This excludes Article 27a installations (< 2 500 tCO2 annually), which will fall out of the scheme at the start of Phase IV, next year.

Our growth has seen us expand into Ireland and also, into new industry sectors such as chemicals and, food and drink manufacturing. Since the lifting of the capacity market suspension, we have also seen an influx of new peaking plant generation sites.

Sarah Fryer, Operations Director at Swan Energy says: “The influx of new clients over the past couple of years is a good signal that we have a strong reputation in the market, especially as a good percentage of our new clients have been referred to us. People trust us to provide a knowledgeable and professional service, ensuring they comply with legislation. They also know they can always rely on our expertise and that we’re just a phone call away.”

To support this growth, our team has also expanded, with our latest recruit joining the team remotely from Ireland during lockdown. We all look forward to meeting Declan in person and he will be taking the lead on developing an expanded service portfolio for clients and supporting our strategic growth plans.

If you would like to talk to the team about your EU ETS installation, please call us on 01484 843867.

Swan Energy