SECR – Reporting and Validation

Last week in Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting – Data and Calculating Emissions we talked about determining data directly and estimating data to calculate emissions – and the importance of using robust and accepted systems. This week we will talk about reporting, verification and validation. 

SECR Reporting

There is no prescribed method of reporting, though it must include the minimum information requirements outlined in SECR – Your obligations, or the Environmental Reporting Guidelines – ideally consistent with previous years, and in as accessible a format as possible.  As mentioned in previous blogs, we at Swan Energy recommend producing a report that is as comprehensive as possible, and going above and beyond the mandatory requirements.

There is also a possibility to exclude certain areas of a business where disclosure would be seriously prejudicial to the interests to the organisation.  This is referred to by many as the ‘Comply or Explain’ clause.  Where omissions are made, they must be fully explained and reasoned, and it is emphasised in the guidance that this should only be used in exceptional circumstances.

The Government does have a reporting template that can be referenced and accessed online. Although they are quite keen for people to use their template, to enable easier comparison with other organisations, this is at your discretion. It is up to your organisation and your financial teams how this is presented.

Your annual report must be lodged within the Directors’ Report and pass through audited accounts. It is signed off by Board of Directors.  Your financial auditing body is only obliged to ensure data is consistent with the financial data and any inconsistencies should be flagged.

Some organisations voluntarily report their Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions annually already. An example of this is ‘The Sovereign Grant and Sovereign Grant Reserve Annual Report and Accounts 2018-19’.  Where mechanisms are already in place to monitor emissions, putting together an SECR report will be relatively straightforward.

Verification and Validation

There are currently no formal verifications requirements, however information should be consistent with the financial statement.

Although there are no formal requirement for verification, if you have put together a report and do not feel entirely sure if you have done this right, or missed something, there are validation and consultancy services on offer to help you get it checked – so you are confident to send to your Board of Directors and include in financial statements.

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Joe Youldon

Operations Manager

Joe Youldon

Operations Director

Joe joined the Swan Energy team in November 2019. He graduated from the University of Leeds with a BSc in Environmental Science (International) in July 2019, having spent a year in Melbourne studying as part of his course.

In his role, to which has has recently been promoted, Joe manages the company’s portfolio across the UK, mentoring the team of Carbon Analysts. Joe is London-based.