MEUC Summer Networking Reception

Jody Miller, our new Business Manager at Swan Energy, is to join Andrew Park, Managing Director, at the MEUC Summer Networking Reception in the House of Lords next week – on Tuesday 13th June. This will the first external event that he is attending since joining the team and it will offer a perfect opportunity to network with other invitees.

The MEUC Summer Networking Reception will take place during the evening in the Cholmondeley Room and Terrace at the House of Lords. This is to be hosted by MEUC’s President, the Lord Teverson. Invitees will have an opportunity to discuss current and future policies, challenges and opportunities with you and our members in the Palace of Westminster.

This will follow an afternoon meeting in London for MEUC Members, covering regulatory and market updates, risk management, onsite generation and PPAs. Andrew and Jody are also attending this.

This is the second MEUC event of the year that the Swan Energy team is attending. The next will be the Autumn Conference and Exhibition in Coventry this October. This event is intended for people that are buying, managing, planning, or paying for energy and water on behalf of their organisation.  It will provide valuable insight into current and future policy, opportunity to discuss key issues and network with the MEUC community.

A full listing of the MEUC event calendar can be found here.

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