Manage your Emission Trading System – Latest Update

In 2021 the UK Emissions Trading Scheme (UK ETS) replaced the UK’s participation in the EU ETS. As part of this transition, a new UK system will soon be launched for Manage Your Emission Trading Scheme (METS). This will replace the existing ETSWAP system.

Over the past few months we have provided regular updates as we have received these from the UK ETS Regulator:

PMRV System Launch Delayed Until 2023 – Swan Energy (September 2022)

Delayed Launch of ETSWAP Replacement System: METS – Swan Energy (January 2023)

The regulator has now once again written to all site operators participating in the UK ETS, setting out the timeline of migration to the new UK METS system. They have also outlined the steps that need to be taken to aid this transition.

  • Any applications (new permit, variation, transfer, surrender etc.) must be submitted and paid for by the 15th May 2023.
  • All relevant notifications must be submitted before the 26th June, as full access to the ETSWAP platform will close on the 14th July 2023.
  • If you are aware of a reason that you will need to submit a permit application following the deadline, before METS becomes available, then let the UK ETS Regulator know as soon as possible.
  • As part of UK ETS participation, all operators are required to hold all records submitted in at least the previous 10 years. This will ensure that past data can be re-verified if required. As from the 14th July there will only be read access available on ETSWAP and the UK ETS Regulator has stated that all data must be downloaded by the 28th July 2023.
  • In addition to this, if applicable, Annual Improvement Reports and Verifier Improvement Reports must be completed by the 30th June 2023.


Swan Energy is currently in the process of downloading all historical data available from ETSWAP, on behalf of our clients, before the deadline. This ensures our records remain up to date and accurate when the METS system becomes fully operational.

For any queries on how this may affect you or your installation, please contact Swan Energy.

Bethany Bailey

Carbon Analyst