ISO 50001

What is ISO 50001?

ISO 50001 is the international standard for energy management systems. It provides a framework for improving and optimising energy efficiency in private and public sector organisations.

It covers the establishment, implementation, maintenance, and improvement of an energy management system which enables organisations to continually improve its energy performance.

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Why does ISO 50001 certification make good business sense?

ISO 50001 is a globally recognised International Standard and embedding energy management into your organisation offers sustainable benefits:

How can we help?

Swan Energy can help your organisation achieve and benefit from an ISO 50001 compliant Energy Management System. Our team is well qualified to support you with this ambition. 

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ISO 50001 consultancy service

Your journey is unique, and a package of ISO 50001 consultancy services is always tailored to your needs, which can include:

A reduction in energy consumption

saving your organisation money year after year.

Lower greenhouse gas emissions,

reducing your carbon footprint and helping you combat climate change.

Improved reputation, brand image and credibility

with customers, stakeholders, and the public, signalling your carbon conscience and a commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Assists with compliance

with mandatory and voluntary energy efficiency targets.

Provides a route to ESOS compliance,

preventing the need for ESOS audits.

Better energy awareness among your employees

and improved operational efficiencies.

Help, support, advice and guidance

Establish a bespoke system that works for your organisation

We can work alongside you to establish a bespoke energy management system that works for your organisation, guiding it through the external certification process with a chosen ISO 50001 certification body.

As well as working with you to set up and implement ISO 50001, we also help keep everyone informed and engaged. Commitment from your leadership and management team is vital to your journey towards achieving ISO certification success.