EU ETS Phase 4 baseline is part of our service

Are your EU ETS consultants charging extra for doing a baseline for Phase 4 of the EU ETS?

Doing baselines for Phase 4 of the EU ETS is coming up. It’s a massive exercise and Swan Energy is providing this service at no extra cost to our EU ETS clients – it’s a part of the ongoing EU ETS consulting service we offer them.

The baseline for Phase 4 of the EU ETS covers production data, or heat data, and requires five years of verified data to be submitted.

The European Commission has said that site visits are required for all installations, in order that a report can be produced, verified and submitted by the 30th May 2019. This means the Swan team will have their own 56 installations to do baselines for and they will be required to verify 15 sites as GCG Auditor on behalf of Lucideon.

If you would like us to do your baseline for Phase 4 of the EU ETS, as part of an ongoing EU ETS service, get in touch and we can discuss. 

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