UK Emissions
Trading Scheme

What is the UK ETS?

The UK ETS is a ‘cap and trade’ system, aimed with reducing the total greenhouse gas emissions from energy intensive industries. Emissions are converted into tradable allowances, with the capped emissions reducing each year to provide an economic incentive for installations to decarbonise.

The UK ETS was introduced by the UK Government for UK installations post-Brexit. Phase 1 was launched in January 2021. It replaces the EU ETS.

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Who does the UK ETS
apply to?

The UK ETS applies to energy intensive industries where stationary installations have a combined thermal input capacity of greater than 20 MW thermal, made up of units greater than 3 MW thermal.

How can we help?

Swan Energy has been involved with the UK ETS (formerly EU ETS) since its inception and delivers 100% compliance for our clients. We are experts in Greenhouse gas legislation and carbon reporting and have extensive knowledge and experience in the operation of Emissions Trading Systems.

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UK ETS compliance and reporting service

Swan Energy ensures you are fully compliant with all the aspects of the UK ETS or the EU ETS, relieving hassle and the risk of mistakes. We offer peace of mind that all the obligations and requirements of the scheme are met and are a trusted partner and adviser. We shield our clients from the complexities of the reporting process and take the headache out of compliance.

Our UK ETS compliance and reporting service is always tailored to your needs and can include:

Swan Energy Facts & Figures

90+ installations

We support over 90 UK installations with their mandatory energy reporting.

1 million tonnes CO2

Swan Energy reported over 1 million tonnes of CO2 for ETS clients in the 2022 reporting year.

£67.70/tonne Carbon Price

Average cost of Carbon. Data from January 2023 – July 2023.

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We fully understand the requirements to meet the verification standards

We have Lead Verifiers for a UKAS accredited verification body for the UK ETS working as part of the team. This means that as well as preparing reports for verification, we fully understand the requirements to meet the verification standard.

Our partnership with
Redshaw Advisors

Our partnership with Redshaw Advisors enables clients to benefit from an end-to-end compliance service which includes the purchase of allowances, registry support and carbon market advice.

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Swan Energy Know How
Do you have more questions about ETS? The Swan Energy team has lots of KNOW HOW and we are experts in this field. Tap into our bank of knowledge…