Energy Briefing – July 2022

Energy Briefing - July

Latest Energy Briefing

The latest energy briefing from Swan Energy has now been distributed.

In this edition there are many stories and updates, including:

  • UK Government to create public body to oversee management of UK electricity system.
  • UK Government negotiating deals to keep coal-fired power stations open over the winter.
  • EU announce €195bn plan to move away from dependence on Russia for oil and gas.
  • UK to review moratorium on fracking.


This quarterly update is a little later than normal but it couldn’t be helped. Dr Tom, who researches and writes it, has been ill…though we’re happy to say he’s well once more!

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Dr Tom Wood

Research Consultant

Dr Tom Wood

Research Consultant

Tom has been working with Swan Energy for five years now. He writes and edits the Energy Briefing and undertakes some of the analysis work involved in other projects.

For a number of years Tom has been working towards his PhD at the University of Leeds and has recently completed this. His research was focused on the consequences of climate change.