Energy Briefing – April 2022

Energy Briefing - April 2022

Swan Energy’s Latest Energy Briefing

The latest energy briefing from Swan Energy has now been distributed and people will have noticed that it has now been updated it inline with our new branding and, in doing so, we hope the content is more easily accessible.

In this edition there are many stories and updates, including:

  • Oil and gas supply and price crisis as Russia invades Ukraine.
  • Net energy output from fusion reaction achieved for the first time.
  • Report from Lord’s committee criticises lack of credible UK Governement plan to decarbronise.

And more…

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Dr Tom Wood

Research Consultant

Dr Tom Wood

Research Consultant

Tom has been working with Swan Energy for five years now. He writes and edits the Energy Briefing and undertakes some of the analysis work involved in other projects.

For a number of years Tom has been working towards his PhD at the University of Leeds and has recently completed this. His research was focused on the consequences of climate change.