Register for your MESOS account to ensure compliance.

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme ESOS Phase 3

Register for your MESOS (Manage your Energy Savings Opportunity) reporting account now to ensure compliance with ESOS Phase 3. As mentioned in our previous ESOS Phase 3 – Latest Update, the Phase 3 ESOS compliance deadline. which was previously the 5th of December 2023, has been extended to the 5th of June 2024.  This extension was granted […]

ESOS Phase 3 – Latest Update

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme ESOS Phase 3

The legislation for ESOS Phase 3 compliance has been finalised and a newsletter has been issued confirming the changes. Below we have summarised the changes shared in the newsletter for ESOS Phase 3. Key Dates: 5th June 2024 – compliance deadline for Phase 3 reporting (previously 5th December 2023). 5th December 2024 – submission of […]

ESOS Phase 3 Compliance Deadline Extended.

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme ESOS Phase 3

As announced in the June ESOS newsletter, the ESOS Phase 3 compliance deadline has been postponed until the 5th June 2024 (previously 5th December 2023). Due to changes announced in the UK Government’s ESOS consultation response in July last year, the extension has been granted to allow necessary time to ensure participants meet the new […]

ESOS Phase 3 – Latest Update

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme ESOS Phase 3

A newsletter has recently been issued to detail ESOS Phase 3 changes, to allow participants enough time to apply the changes and produce the necessary report before the compliance deadline. Final guidance will be provided once the new ESOS regulations have been laid in Parliament. ESOS is an energy auditing and assessment scheme introduced by […]

ETS reporting: Swan exceeds one million tonnes.

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The Swan Energy team has now come to the end of its busiest period in the year as monitoring, reporting and verification comes to an end for the 2022 UK ETS reporting year, and annual 2022 emissions reported on behalf of clients, and independently verified, were 1 043 242 tCO2 across 79 installations. This is […]

Successful ESOS energy audits for APS Group

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Swan Energy recently conducted ESOS energy audits for the APS Group, in order to identify energy savings opportunities in compliance with the requirements of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme. Within two weeks, the Swan Energy team had audited sites, written and submitted the report. Who is the APS Group? Now known as APS Group, A […]

ESOS Phase 2 – Avoid a last minute rush

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

“If you haven’t started getting data together for ESOS Phase 2, and you know you qualify, now is the time to start.” These are the words of Mike Denbigh, Senior Advisor – Environmental Business at the Environment Agency when he spoke at ESTA’s IECg ‘Energy – Changing Times’ event. At this event, Mike shared with […]