Carbon Footprint Service

Many organisations opt to quantify and report their greenhouse gas emissions, to boost their brand and display their green and sustainability credentials, and Swan Energy helps clients demonstrate to stakeholders and the public what they are doing to combat climate change and environmental degradation.

This is achieved by defining scope and boundaries, establishing an appropriate baseline year, developing monitoring, and reporting procedures, applying appropriate emission factors, and fully understanding issue with green energy tariffs and carbon offsetting schemes.

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End-to-end Compliance

Swan Energy’s clients can choose to benefit from an EU ETS and UK ETS End-to-End Compliance Service.

Alongside our carbon consultancy, compliance and reporting service, our partnership with Redshaw Advisors includes advice regarding the purchase and surrender of allowances as well as registry support. From emissions calculations through compliance to trading allowances, we’ve got it covered and we can offer you complete peace of mind.

Environmental Permitting

EU ETS and UK ETS installations often also have obligations under the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) Directive and can be classified as either Part A (1), A (2) or Part B installations, and therefore require environmental permits.

Swan Energy is on hand to support its clients and operators with their environmental permitting obligations. Our Carbon Consultants liaise with the Environment Agency and Local Authorities to establish where permits are required and submits permit applications for installations.

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How can we help?

Swan Energy has longstanding relationships with their clients, and we offer them an extended range of carbon consultancy services.

We are always there to support clients in their ambitions and drive to be more carbon conscious; we are their trusted partner and adviser.

Swan Energy Know How
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